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Our journey starts itself off in the first realm of hell, Avernus. The player characters know not why they are there, only that it has some connection to the small vibrant blue shard laying on the ground in front of them wrapped in a dark and sinister cloth that bears the inscription:

_What thou doest seekethSulwyncrystal Impossible yet achievable hath already transpired madness will be your guide and death your release for once you enter -, the only way out is undeath

As the players look ahead of them into the first realm of hell, they see an army of untold proportions marching down towards a large black gate, to hard to tell the actual size because it lies just on the horizon, but they can tell that it must be massive, for it is the dominating structure within view.

Viking battle for asgard 20080306055054001 To the West they can make out a long black river, which seems to bear an untold amount of souls. They crystal, when peered through, seems to mark out a path through the realm leading to the legion of undead and too ending on the dark and foreboding horizon. They move along down the road, or what the magic item in their possession marks out to be a road , and after and hours’ walk the players see a mage in the distance pracicing dark magic. This mage will soon be identified as an ally, Sarkhan Vol The Necromancer, as he explains that they are in the first circle of hell, Avernus, and under the dominion of Lord Bel. Though why they are their or what their purposes for being their are remain unkown to him.

Home Page

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