Sarkhan Vol, The Necromancer

An eldadrin of godly descent, he has no knowledge of his former life as an immortal exarch in service to a god that no longer exists, or what his connection is to the nine hells, but all he knows is that he is out for blood.


Sarkhan Vol, The Necromancer Male Eladrin Wizard / Shaman / Planeshifter Level 12 Unaligned (Chaotic) From Thay Order of the Dragon

Strength 14 (+2) Constitution 14 (+2) Dexterity 21 (+5) Intelligence 23 (+6) Wisdom 15 (+2) Charisma 12 (+1) Height: 6’ 0” Weight: 175 lb Skin: Pale Eyes: Hazel Hair: Black; Wavy; Beardless Maximum Hit Points: 77

Bloodied: 38 Surge Value: 19 Surges / Day: 8 [includes constitution modifier]

Size: Medium Speed: 6 squares Vision: Low-light

Initiative: 1d20 +13 = 6 [half level] + 5 [dexterity] + 2 [quick draw] Base Strength Attack: 1d20 +8 = + 6 [half level] + 2 [strength] Base Dexterity Attack: 1d20 +11 = + 6 [half level] + 5 [dexterity] Base Constitution Attack: 1d20 +8 = + 6 [half level] + 2 [constitution] Base Intelligence Attack: 1d20 +12 = + 6 [half level] + 6 [intelligence] Base Wisdom Attack: 1d20 +8 = + 6 [half level] + 2 [wisdom] Base Charisma Attack: 1d20 +7 = + 6 [half level] + 1 [charisma]

Armor Class: 25 = 10 + 6 [half level] + 6 [intelligence] + 1 [wizard staff] + 2 [leather] Fortitude Defense: 18 = 10 + 6 [half level] + 2 [constitution] Reflex Defense: 22 = 10 + 6 [half level] + 6 [intelligence] Will Defense: 21 = 10 + 6 [half level] + 1 [Eladrin] + 2 [wizard] + 2 [wisdom]

Armor: Leather (15 lb)

Shield: None Attacks:

Unarmed Melee: +8 [base strength attack] vs AC; damage 1[W]=1d4+2 [strength bonus] Daggers (x2): +11 vs AC +8 strength attack; damage 1[W]=1d4+2 [strength bonus] 1 lb (Light blade); usable off-hand; light throwable Thrown: range 5/10 +14 vs AC +11 dexterity attack Quarterstaff: +10 vs AC +8 strength attack; damage 1[W]=1d8+2 [strength bonus] 4 lb (Staff) Magic Missile +12i [base intelligence attack] vs reflex Scorching Burst +12i [base intelligence attack] vs reflex Burning Hands +12i [base intelligence attack] vs reflex Flaming Sphere [see online revision] +12i [base intelligence attack] vs reflex Fire Shroud +12i [base intelligence attack] vs fortitude Fireball +12i [base intelligence attack] vs reflex Web +12i [base intelligence attack] vs reflex Fire Burst +12i [base intelligence attack] vs reflex Mordenkainen’s Sword +12i [base intelligence attack] vs reflex Wall of Fire [special] Sequester +12i [base intelligence attack] vs will i Implement-usable power. Apply a bonus as appropriate for magic, any implement expertises, etc. Base Saving Throw: d20 vs 10 Encumberance 4e Normal Load: Heavy Load: Maximum Drag Load 140 lb. 280 lb. 700 lb.

Encumberance 3.5 Light load: Medium load: Heavy load: Lift over head: Lift off ground: Push or drag: 58 lb. or less 59-116 lb. 117-175 lb. 175 lb. 350 lb. 875 lb.

Languages: Common; Elven; Thayan [FRPG];

Rituals Known:

Create Campsite PH2 Pyrotechnics PH2 Speak with Nature PH2 Skills:

Acrobatics: +11 = 5 [dexterity] + 6 [half level] Arcana: +22 = 6 [intelligence] + 6 [half level] + 2 [Eladrin] + 5 [class training] Athletics: +8 = 2 [strength] + 6 [half level] Bluff: +7 = 1 [charisma] + 6 [half level] Diplomacy: +7 = 1 [charisma] + 6 [half level] Dungeoneering: +8 = 2 [wisdom] + 6 [half level] Endurance: +8 = 2 [constitution] + 6 [half level] Heal: +8 = 2 [wisdom] + 6 [half level] History: +22 = 6 [intelligence] + 6 [half level] + 2 [Eladrin] + 5 [class training] Insight: +8 = 2 [wisdom] + 6 [half level] Intimidate: +7 = 1 [charisma] + 6 [half level] Nature: +16 = 2 [wisdom] + 6 [half level] + 5 [class training] Perception: +18 = 2 [wisdom] + 6 [half level] + 2 [alertness] + 5 [eladrin education] Religion: +20 = 6 [intelligence] + 6 [half level] + 5 [class training] Stealth: +11 = 5 [dexterity] + 6 [half level] Streetwise: +7 = 1 [charisma] + 6 [half level] Thievery: +11 = 5 [dexterity] + 6 [half level] Feats:

Spirit Talker multiclass shaman [see online revision] Alertness Armor Proficiency—Leather Dark Fury Quickdraw Raging Storm Implement Expertise—Staff PH2 Remember your +1 attack bonus using a staff Aberrant Mark of Madness [EPG] At-Will:

Basic Melee Attack: By weapon, damage 1[W]+2 strength bonus Basic Ranged Attack: By weapon, damage 1[W]+5 dexterity bonus Bull Rush: +8 [base strength attack] vs fortitude [standard action] Grab: +8 [base strength attack] vs reflex [standard action] Move grabbed target: +8 [base strength attack] vs fortitude [standard action] Escape: +11 [acrobatics] vs reflex / +8 [athletics] vs fortitude [move action] Ghost Sound Wizard Light Wizard Mage Hand Wizard Prestidigitation Wizard Call Spirit Companion multiclass shaman spirit talker [see online revision] Magic Missile [Level 1] Scorching Burst [Level 1] Other Standard Actions: Administer a potion; Aid another [see online revision] ; Charge [+1 to basic melee attack or bull rush]; Coup de grace; Equip / stow shield; Ready an action; Total defense; Sustain standard action; Some skills during combat (i.e., Acrobatics - fast escape; Bluff, Heal - first aid (use second wind DC10, stabilize the dying DC15, grant a saving throw DC15), Intimidate, Thievery depending on circumstances); Other Move Actions: Crawl; Run [speed 8]; Stand up; Shift; Squeeze; Walk; may include some skills during combat (i.e., Acrobatics, Athletics); half of a Double Move (if taken in place of a standard action) Other Minor Actions: Draw / sheathe weapon; Drink a potion; Drop prone; Load a crossbow; Open / close a door; Pick up an item; Retrieve / stow an item; Perception—active (as per revision),Sustain minor action; Some skills during combat (i.e., Insight) Other Immediate Action: Readied action Other Opportunity Action: Opportunity attack Other Free Actions: Drop held items; End a grab; Talk Other Non-Actions: Delay; Endurance checks; Insight to counter Bluff; Knowledge checks; Perception—passive Short rest: Healing surges as available Five minutes: Normal escape from restraints (Acrobatics) One hour: Forage; Streetwise check

Encounter Powers:

Second Wind Spend an Action Point [free action, not in surprise round] Fey Step Eladrin Spirit’s Fangs / Shield multiclass shaman spirit talker Extend an effect on an enemy to last to end of next turn rather than this turn] Use Implement [free action] Burning Hands [Level 1] Jump Level 2 Utility [see online revision] Fire Shroud [Level 3] Fire Burst [Level 7] Sequester [Planeshifter Level 11] Quick Portal [Planeshifter Level 12 Utility] Daily Powers:

Speak with Spirits [multiclass shaman, spirit talker] Flaming Sphere Level 1 Feather Fall Level 2 Utility Fireball [Level 5] Web [Level 5] Dispel Magic [Level 6 Utility; implement as per revision] Invisibility [Level 6 Utility] Mordenkainen’s Sword [Level 9] Wall of Fire [Level 9] Arcane Gate Level 10 Utility Mirror Image Level 10 Utility Reminder to Level 12 Wizards: Each day (i.e., after extended rest), you prepare three daily non-utility powers and four utility powers from your spellbook. Paragon path powers are in addition, and do not need to be prepared.


+2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence (already included) +2 Arcana, +2 History Eladrin Education (already included) Eladrin Will (+1 on will defense, +5 vs charms) Fey Origin Trance Fey Step Player characters from Thay can use intelligence instead of constitution for starting hit points. Wizard

This wizard chose the Staff of Defense mastery. In addition to a +1 AC bonus, you can choose a bonus to your AC equal to your constitution modifier as an immediate interrupt, even after damage has been announced. Cantrips Ritual Casting [bonus feat, not listed above] Spellbook Planeshifter

Study of the Planes [Level 11] Planeshifter’s Action [Level 11] Location Mastery [Level 16] Sequester [paragon attack 11] Quick Portal [paragon utility 12] Dimensional Cascade [paragon attack 20]

Sarkhan Vol, The Necromancer’s Equipment:

21 lb 2 lb 5 lb

1 lb 10 lb 10 lb 2 lb 4 lb 3 lb
58 lb Weapons / Armor / Shield (from above) Backpack Bedroll Flint and steel Pouch (belt) x1 Rations (1 day) x10 Rope (50’, hempen) x1 Sunrods x2 Waterskins x1 Spellbook x1


Magic items: Weapon: Weapon: Weapon: Weapon: Armor: Shield: Arms: Feet: Hands: Head: Neck: Ring: Ring: Waist:

Resistances: Action Point Tally:

Daily Item Powers Per Day: Epic Tier Milestone / / /

Death Saving Throw Failures:


Sarkhan Vol is a wizard skilled in draconic shamanism. During a deep trance, he was visited by an ancient dragon-spirit, and in that moment, his spark ignited. He set out to find a better understanding of the dragon-spirit and discovered that there were other planes than his. He sought a plane that he could look a dragon in the eye. Dragon Shamans earn their power by making a pact with a specific breed of dragon. Over time, they slowly begin to grow more like their chosen Totem dragon: they gain a draconic aura, can heal wounds similar to a Paladin’s Lay on Hands ability, their skin becomes scales, they gain a dragon’s breath, and lastly a dragon’s wings. They must remain within one step of their chosen Dragon’s alignment.

Sarkhan Vol, The Necromancer

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